Cinema d'autore a Pietrasanta (25 - 26 ottobre 2022)

On Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 October in Pietrasanta the "Cinema d'Autore - Omaggio a Pier Paolo Pasolini" event will be held, an initiative of the museum MuSA, at the beautiful  located in the heart of the historic center in Piazza del Duomo.

The undisputed star of the event will be the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), one of the most important names in Italian literature and cinema of the twentieth century. “An innovator, in his work as a director - commented the mayor, Alberto Giovannetti - but above all a man of unparalleled cultural versatility. A liveliness that fits perfectly with that of our community, the cradle of art, artists and great master craftsmen ”. Two days, therefore, entirely dedicated to Pasolini, whose centenary of his birth is celebrated this year, to pay homage to his work.

The "Cinema d'Autore" review is promoted by the Municipality of Pietrasanta, with the patronage of the Region and the Province of Lucca, in addition to the recognition of the Cinema and Audiovisual Directorate General of the Ministry of Culture and the Pasolini Archive Studies Center of Bologna, and its curator is Alfredo Rossi, an Italian essayist and critic, who wanted to highlight, through the meetings and film projections provided, the cinematographic language of Pasolini and, as a director, he was able to carefully observe Italian society and its changes taking place in the era, focusing on the people and the poorest figures.

The event will start on Tuesday 25 October at 9:30 am, at the MuSA - Via Sant'Agostino n. 61 - with a meeting with director David Friesco dedicated to schools and the screening of his film "La Macchinazione" (2016) based on the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini. In the afternoon, at the Municipal Theater, two other screenings with access to all: at 18:00 "Uccellacci e Uccellini (1966), a surreal journey through the Roman countryside featuring a father and a son, while at 21: 15 "Accattone" (1961), the story of a criminal who lives on the margins of society, in a perfect description of life in the Roman suburbs.

On 26 October, again at 9:30, a round table will be held at the MuSA to discuss Pasolini's work open to all interested parties, with free admission subject to availability, in the presence of speakers of the caliber of Roberto Chiesi, Piero Spila, David Griesco and Alfredo Rossi himself. In the afternoon, at 18:00, another appointment at the Municipal Theater with the screening of the film "Edipo Re" (1967), freely taken from the homonymous tragedy by Sophocles, and later at 9.15pm "Il Fiore delle Mille e una notte"(1974), taken from the well-known work "The Thousand and One Nights", third and last chapter of the "Trilogia della Vita", where the author's denunciation focuses on the contemporary Middle Ages and the bigoted bourgeoisie. The four planned film screenings will be introduced by Alfredo Rossi, Roberto Chiesi, Piero Spila, David Grieco and by professor Chiara Tognolotti of the Department of Cività e forme del Sapere of Università di Pisa.

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