La storia di Tonfano, dalle origini ad oggi

The town of Tonfano, a hamlet of Marina di Pietrasanta together with Fiumetto, Focette and Motrone, is today one of the most popular summer destinations for tourists from all over the world: with its small but charming center, dotted with shops, green spaces, restaurants , bars and ice cream parlors, and its equipped beaches, it is certainly a perfect place to relax and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Over time, its notoriety has increased more and more, precisely because, despite its small size, it offers numerous services and entertainment opportunities for adults and children while remaining in a quiet and uncrowded area: the right compromise between relaxation and fun !

But let's take a step back in time, to rediscover together the origins of this area which is now very popular with travelers. The name of the place was originally "Tonfalo", derived from the homonymous river that flowed there, which disappeared during the Second World War, as the American soldiers established here needed a landing area for the small monitoring planes on the Gothic Line, and so they decided to completely bury the river to create a track. Once the Tofalo was buried, the bridge that connected via Versilia and Viale Carducci was also destroyed, where a tramway had been built in the past.

On a morphological level, the river was fed by the "polle di Vaiana" that is the springs located near the locality of Caranna, in Forte dei Marmi: from there, the river Tofalo proceeded parallel to the current "Fiumetto" which flows in the locality of the same name, and then head south in what is the current Via Tonfano. The territory, originally a swamp, as well as that of the whole Marina di Pietrasanta, was characterized by many small rivers and ditches that flowed into the sea. The reclamation of Marina di Pietrasanta began in the sixteenth century, thanks to the work of Cosimo I de 'Medici, although until the nineteenth century most of the area remained marshy. Around 1800, Tonfano became the first settlement destination of the Navy: obviously, the very first inhabitants of the place were fishermen who settled near the mouth of the ancient river that was more or less near the current pier.

Following the Second World War, Tonfano gradually began to be populated by tourists from all over Italy, particularly in the 1960s, the golden years of Versilia. Today the coastal area of ​​Tonfano has become a famous seaside resort throughout Italy, characterized by low and sandy coasts where large, well-equipped bathing establishments have been built for much of the coastal stretch, to spend the summer without worries. The various services and numerous accommodation facilities attract more and more people to this small village, where it is easy to move on foot, or to reach the historic center of Pietrasanta by bicycle in about twenty minutes.

Among the various places of interest, we can first mention the main street of the pedestrian area, Via Versilia, along which various shops, restaurants and bars have been installed over time, open in the morning, late afternoon and in the evening until midnight, for guarantee a cool shopping under the stars, avoiding the heat of the hottest hours. Continuing through Piazza XXIV Maggio, which recently underwent renovations by the Municipality, we arrive at the main attraction of Tonfano, that is the beautiful pier, inaugurated in 2008, a truly magical place to walk in the moonlight in the summer evenings. As every year, also this summer the beautiful Ferris wheel will be placed at its feet, on which you can admire the panorama of Versilia and its coastline.

Tonfano is certainly a well-known and appreciated location by more and more people who every year choose it as their holiday destination. If you also want to spend the summer in Marina di Pietrasanta, by contacting the courtesy of the Staff of the Agenzia Immobiliare Pietrasanta by Sabrina Portorelli, you will certainly find the right real estate solution suitable for your needs, whether you want a property for rent or the your dream is to buy a house in our wonderful area.

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