Over the years, the Pietrasanta Real Estate Agency has adopted a philosophy of thinking according to which it is important to offer targeted, defined and clear services to be able to achieve successful transactions. To obtain this result it is essential to provide the parties with knowledge, consolidated experience and support in all phases of the sale.

Our work group is characterized by the passion, constancy and high commitment that every day dedicates to the requests of each individual customer and it is thanks to the knowledge acquired over years of work that we are able to fully satisfy them ensuring also reliability and transparency, never neglecting the right confidentiality and discretion.


Services for the Seller

We are aware that the decision to sell a house is not always easy, because a house is never  just a property but a part of one's life, for this reason we provide our support to the owner from the first moment he enters our Real Estate Agency: we seek in fact, to listen and understand in the best way what your  needs are, what is the goal that you want to achieve with the sale and once the needs and requirements of the owner have been defined, we put ourselves at your complete disposal and move on to the study of the most appropriate channels and the appropriate sales strategy to follow, which combined with a professional photographic service realised on the property, will allow us to reach the right customers.

The study of advertising campaigns and the selection of the latest generation of promotional means will be established on the basis of the degree of privacy required, thus outlining a personalized service tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Placing your home on the market in a precise and detailed way is in fact essential, which is why we are available every day to understand the needs of the owners who entrust us with the sale of their property.

We believe in the importance of continuous dialogue with the seller in order to study together the correct marketing strategy for your home. We also guarantee our presence on all search platforms and on social networks, which in recent years are certainly acquiring more and more importance in our sector, we study ad hoc promotional initiatives and we are also present on the foreign real estate market.

We select customers carefully and organize visits and inspections only when the seriousness and reliability of potential buyers are certain, we personally accompany the customer during all inspections and we are available to accompany the seller in all the steps that lead to the realization of the sale .

The owner can feel himself in expert hands and can be sure that we will follow all the paperwork even after the sale.


Services for the Buyer

The years of professional experience in the real estate sector have allowed us to refine our skills and our knowledge of the market that we gladly offer to the customer, structuring the search in a specific and always personalized way, finalizing it to the careful selection and acquisition of houses and properties suitable for the needs of our customers. 

We are always available and we feel obliged to provide all the information and assistance necessary for those who decide to take such an important step, like buying their own home. Buying a new home is in fact the symbol of a new beginning, the creation of a new family, the desire for independence, and always represents a very important step in everyone's life. For this reason we deeply believe in the importance of direct contact with customers who overlook the real estate market in our area, if the buyer approaches us through an email, he will be promptly contacted by telephone and an appointment will be arranged at the agency to meet us in person and lay the foundations for a relationship of trust.

We listen and welcome all the needs of each of our customers and offering our advice, we guide them in the search and in the choice of the ideal house to buy, without underestimating anything.

For this reason, making use of the synergy of a highly qualified work group, we analyze all the potential and any critical points of each proposed property, and thanks to the partnership with architectural and engineering firms for interior design and renovation we are able to increase the potential of every home, fulfilling even the wishes of the most demanding tastes.

The buyer can feel himself  in expert hands and can be sure that we will follow all the paperwork even after the sale.



With the aim of offering a complete service, our real estate agency makes its skills and knowledge available even after the purchase or sale of the property, to accompany the customer throughout the transition period that follows.

Our professional commitment combined with close collaboration with a qualified and trained team of technicians in the area, allows us to offer each of our customers a wide selection of reliable and competent professionals in the sector to whom they can turn for any type of need.


Legal and Notary Assistance

Thanks to our team of consultants and collaborators we are able to offer our clients legal and notary assistance and consultancy services.

Foreign clients will be able to make use of the Tax advisory service and the assistance of our team of professionals, who, thanks to the specific knowledge of the Italian legislation in force as well as the reference legislation of their country of origin, will be able to guarantee them full protection and safety in the brokerage and sale transactions that will be carried out with the mediation of the Pietrasanta Real Estate Agency.