Le 10 cose da vedere a Pietrasanta (Parte 1)

Pietrasanta is a small city but one that embodies a great history. Walking through its main streets we cannot fail to be enchanted by the extreme beauty of the buildings that surround us, by the squares, by the monuments of great sculptors that dot the historic center and by the splendid view of the hills behind. More and more people decide to stay in Pietrasanta for the holidays: to discover the wonders that the place can offer. If you too are wondering what to visit in Little Athens, here are what we think are the 10 unmissable stops.

July 1, 2022

The Laveno colony, history of the most famous building on Viale Apua

Crossing the beautiful and shady Viale Apua, the main street that connects the historic center of Pietrasanta to the Marina with its beaches and its enchanting sea, one cannot fail to notice a majestic structure partly dotted with beautiful ceramic tiles depicting marine scenes (work of the artist Antonia Ciampi), placed just before the roundabout.

June 27, 2022

DAP Festival 2022 in Pietrasanta, the events of summer 2022


Summer in Pietrasanta is, as always, full of events and initiatives of the highest level that attract artists from all over the globe. Staying in Versilia for the holidays is therefore an opportunity not only to enjoy enchanting moments of relaxation under the sun, taking advantage of the numerous equipped beaches that dot the coast from Forte dei Marmi to Viareggio, but also to get in touch with the artistic reality of the territory.

June 21, 2022