Real estate purchase, what to do after signing the deed

The final step for the purchase of a property is the notarial deed. At the deed, the selling party is given the sum of money in settlement of the agreed price and, at the same time, the selling party will have to deliver the keys of the property to the buyer: but what happens after the signing of the deed? Let's try to clarify.

May 13, 2023

Villas on the hills in Versilia: buying a house in an exclusive location


Buying a villa on the hills of Pietrasanta, Camaiore and Massarosa has become a dream of many people. More and more Italian and foreign tourists choose to buy villas in a hilly position where they can spend their holidays in total relaxation. Even the residents of the place often decide to retreat to the gentle hills of Versilia, to be able to get away from the city frenzy, the chaotic traffic and the most crowded areas of the center, in search of a real oasis of peace and tranquility.

April 14, 2023

The Carnival in Pietrasanta: an unmissable event

Versilia is a unique place in the world, known for its incredible historic centres, sunny beaches and pristine hills. But when one thinks of Versilia one also undoubtedly thinks of the Carnival: in fact, the Viareggio Carnival is certainly the most important initiative of our territory, with an ancient tradition, a real celebration that entertains young and old, famous all over the world. But Pietrasanta is also talked about: a noble city since 1841, a place of art and artists, even Little Athens hosts various events every year in February during the Carnival. Pietrasanta's artistic vein gives its best in the creation of allegorical floats, masked parades, songs and music that rejoice our hearts in this period of the year.

February 18, 2023