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The real estate Pietrasanta, is located in teh heart of Versilia, in the center of Pietrasanta, two steps from the beautiful Piazza del Duomo.




Welcome to Pietrasanta, a city of art since 1841 and an important center of marble and bronze processing, a crossroads of important artists from all over the world, including Fernando Botero and Igor Mitoraj.

Pietrasanta was the birthplace of important personalities, such as the creator of the internal combustion engine Father Eugenio Barsanti and the poet and writer Giosuè Carducci.


Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta Il Guerriero, Botero - Piazza Matteotti, Porta a Pisa, Pietrasanta
Piazza del Duomo,
 Botero: Il Guerriero
Piazza Matteotti, Pietrasanta
Porta a Pisa,


"What I like is Pietrasanta:
beautiful town, with a single square,
a big city cathedral,
and, in the background, the Apuan Alps.
And what a country all around! "
(Giosuè Carducci)