Agenzia Immobiliare Pietrasanta


41-2321Pietrasanta Real Estate Agency was born at a stone's throw from Piazza Del Duomo, in the Historic Center of Pietrasanta, the capital of Versilia, and known throughout the world for being the cradle of art, with the idea of creating something new in the real estate sector.

It stands out for its elegance, its aesthetic taste and above all for the excellent welcome of its costumers by the entire staff.

Sabrina, the beating soul of Pietrasanta Real Estate Agency with over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector, offers to each of her clients an authentic and human experience.


Able to understand the needs and desires of italian and foreing clients, the Agency's project is to accompany them during all the stages of the journey, from the first meeting to the moment they old the keys in their hands.

Whether it is the purchase, sale or rental of a property for residential or commercial use, the care and dedication employed in the realization of the project are always in the first place, it is essential for Pietrasanta Agency to accompany each client personally and professionally, every step of the way and always giving the right attentions to feelings and emotions.

Our strenghts are certainly the careful selection of the properties treated and the detailed study of the locations, the territory and the current and future pontential of the properties. For this reason, for the choice and evaluation of each property, we make use of the collaboration of a team of professionals and experts in the sector: surveyors, architects, engineers, lawyers and notaries, always available and ready to deal with any problem related to the properties or to personal situations of each client.


Pietrasanta Real Estate Agency is completed with Chiara, who with her point of view, brings a further purely feminine touch, specialized in legal, fiscal and technical aspects, will guide each client in the evaluation and in the right promotion and sponsorship of the property to put on the market. She will offer her advice and experience to best present the property, not only by entrusting the care of the image to a professional photographer but also by studying together the correct advertising of the property, evaluating which are the best channels depending on the type of property.

17-2371Finally, in the first place and always present within the Agency you will find Eleonora, who with her availability and kindness is always ready to listen to the needs of each client and will help him solving all kind of problems.

The choice of a completely female team is not entirely casual, Sabrina has tought and wanted to give her Agency this character, believing that only this way real synergies can be created. The stubborness and willpower of a close-knit group of women goes far beyond any possible difficulty.

What has always distinguished Sabrina and her team is the enthusiasm with which they carry out their work, which is truly surprising and contagious, so much so that entering the Agency you're greeted by what has become their motto over the years: 



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