White Carrara marble, value and history

Carrara marble, known to all for its magnificent white color and its light gray-blue veins, has long been a luster for our territory, chosen by the greatest sculptors and architects of all time to give shape to sublime works of art (among the many we remember the Pantheon in Rome, Michelangelo's David, the numerous sculptures by Bernini). This highly prized type of marble is extracted from the Carrara caves located on the marvelous slopes of the Apuan Alps, the Tuscan sub-Apennine mountain range that frames the beautiful Versilia.

The marble quarries in Carrara have a very ancient history. Most likely, they were already used by the Ligurian peoples during the Iron Age: in Ameglia, a locality of La Spezia, a necropolis dating back to the 4th century BC was found. where fragments of white marble were found. But the maximum development of the Carrara marble extraction activity occurred mainly in Roman times, under Julius Caesar; in that period, the export of marble proceeded from the port of Luni. The product was sought after not only for the construction of public works in Rome, but for the construction and furnishings in the residences of the patricians above all, the elite class of Roman society. Among the quarries of ancient origin still intact we can mention the quarries of La Tagliata in Miseglia, the Roman quarry of Forno in Massa and the Fossacava in Colonnata.

With the advent of Christianity, white Carrara marble began to be favored for the construction of churches and religious buildings and intense extraction was carried out. We also remember that later, during the Renaissance period, one of the greatest artists and sculptors of all time, Michelangelo Buonarroti, found in white marble the perfect fit for his sculptures: the artist often went to the area to choose a Carrara person. the marble blocks on which to then work life to some of the undisputed masterpieces of the history of art.

Carrara marble is therefore a material not only of great value, but with an important history, whose blocks start from the quarries of Tuscany to then reach every corner of the globe. The processing of marble is a complex and delicate operation: this is in fact cut into slabs, which are then smoothed and polished, or opacified, depending on the needs. And for those who choose to live in Tuscany, in the territory of Carrara marble, owning marble furnishing accessories in white is undoubtedly a must have: inside the villas and houses tos, especially in Versilia, including Forte dei Marmi , Marina di Pietrasanta, but also the surrounding hills, Carrara marble becomes the absolute protagonist, helping to create an atmosphere of class and spaces of great refinement.

Especially with regard to flooring, stairways, finishing in general, in environments such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, white Carrara marble finds its perfect location: it gives light and order to every room, giving airiness and optically enlarging the sizes. of housing. Choosing white Carrara marble, with its value, its delicacy and its sinuosity, means not only making a quality choice for your furnishings, but also choosing elegance, which certainly will never go out of style.

If you too are looking for the perfect house to furnish through the use of Carrarese marble furnishings and finishes, the Agenzia Immobiliare Pietrasanta is at your disposal to guide you in choosing the right property for you: come and visit us in Pietrasanta in Via P.E. Barsanti n.3.

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