Retro style - vintage furnishings for your home in Pietrasanta

Among the furnishing trends for this 2023 we see a return to retro style - a style that never goes out of style! For some years now, the eclectic style of the 70s has been making a comeback, with geometric shapes, optical prints, abstract figures and bright colors, in the creation of a comfortable and welcoming home but at the same time with a lively and sparkling atmosphere. This year, the retro style will merge with a careful search for the new, combining vintage elements with more modern and current furnishings.

More and more people are opting for a Vintage style renovation to make the rooms of their home unique and special, often combining furniture of different styles belonging to the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s.

Among the most significant elements, of course, we find the color. The palettes are bold but always dosed, the goal is to create elegant spaces where you can breathe the emotions of the past, but where nothing is left to chance. Order and balance are the keywords: sober and essential furnishings are made captivating thanks to the play of shades and geometric or abstract patterns.

Furnishing in a retro style means following a very careful analysis of the elements that will make up our rooms, within which unique and recovered furniture and furnishings will be inserted, to be placed wisely in compliance with the proportions. The environments must not be monotonous, but give movement and originality through the shapes and colors.

Often the retro style is well placed in industrial chic contexts that combines rustic furnishings with linear shapes and raw materials such as resin, iron, brass, concrete and bricks, robust materials usually found in workshops or warehouses, with more elegant and sophisticated.

This is the case of the La Belle Époque apartment, located on the ground floor of a beautiful building in the historic center of Pietrasanta, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo and all the services offered by the town.


La Belle Époque is truly an object of great taste and style, furnished with meticulous attention to detail and for the renovation of which only quality and top quality materials have been chosen. Upon entering, one immediately has the impression of feeling at home, pampered and welcomed by a unique and magical atmosphere. The renovation was skilful and well-kept: this apartment was originally a craftsman's workshop, one of the numerous workshops located in the historic center of Pietrasanta, a city of art famous throughout the world for its marble and bronze workshops , which attract artists from all over the globe.

Today in place of the laboratory we find a beautiful apartment, recently renovated, where design choices, touches of color and contemporary furnishings blend perfectly with the original and authentic soul of this place, where history resonates in every corner.


In the living room, the colors are soft, clear, and contribute to making the environment fresh and bright. In the rooms, the touch of color embraces us with its intensity while remaining sober. The lamps are industrial style, elegant and functional at the same time. The tables and chairs have geometric, modern and linear shapes.

If you are looking for a modern property with retro-style furnishings, the Agenzia Immobiliare Pietrasanta is at your complete disposal to accompany you, step by step, towards the purchase of the home of your dreams: we are waiting for you in Via Barsanti n.3 in Pietrasanta, to welcome you you will find an all-female team ready to listen to your every need. 

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