Ho voluto fermare un ricordo che ha provato a volare via, Ilaria Gasparroni exhibition (9 aprile - 22 maggio 2022)

On Saturday April 9th the Kyro Art Gallery inaugurated its exhibition season by presenting the solo exhibition of the artist Ilaria Gasparroni, curated by Matteo Galbiati. Ilaria Gasparroni, born in 1989, is a young sculptor originally from Sant’Omero (TE). She graduated in 2014 with full marks at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Urbino, she currently lives and works in Alba Adriatica, where her sculpture workshop is located. Her works are extremely human and capture everyday life in her naturalness, in an introspective and profound reflection, carried out through an excellent compositional technique and a perfect knowledge of materials.

Her ideas are fully materialize in the sculptures, accompanying a thought that becomes concrete in the marble. At the same time, we have the feeling of remaining suspended in front of her creations, as if time freezes and the atmosphere becomes lighter, a real pleasure for the eyes and for the soul. Marble loses its weight and becomes an ethereal and incorporeal element, just like our thoughts. Her way of reproducing objects isn't banal, as she isn't focused on trying to faithfully reproduce an object, but rather on making that object evoke a memory. Her sculptures are able to bring back to life the personal memory - and not only - of whathas been and what is currently, creating a constant and uninterrupted flow between past and present.

The exhibition has an extremely suggestive title: "Ho vuoluto fermare un ricordo che ha provato a volare via", that it means "I wanted to stop a memory that tried to fly away". With this project, the artist consolidates the collaboration he has been undertaking for some time with the Kyro Art Gallery. The latter was founded in 2018 by Antimo Pascale and Luigi Ciurlia, active in the art scene, with particular attention to the work of emerging artists. The exhibition consists of seven sculptures, created specifically for this exhibition, which constitute seven stages of a journey through time that touches objects of everyday life, bearers of a memory, which is linked to childhood, games, to the fantasies of youth and adulthood.

The project, born from a collaboration with the gallery owners and the curator Matteo Galbiati, art critic and university teacher, is the result of a long and careful study, which reflects the care and attention that the artist Gasparroni places in his works . The exhibition acquires a further and deeper meaning in the light of the recent and painful loss of Luigi Ciurlia, to whom the project was totally dedicated.



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